product-sampleTiger Moth

This is a sample product of a kit it includes the following:

  • x16 pieces of templated balsa wood
  • Decals
  • Template (complete)
  • x1 Jetex Engine
  • x3 Jetex Fuel cartridges


Model Aircraft Kits in current production

This section will be  devoted to Jetex/Rapier kits which are currently available.  The kits  can be from established concerns like SAMS Models Aerographics, which concerns itself with new kit designs like the  Sukhoi SU-11  or Flitzer;  Bluebottle Squadron which has a mixture of new designs like the Bell 1XE, and old ones like the Twizzler, and The Vintage Model Company which ( produces replicas of classic Veron and Keil Kraft kits from the 1950's.

There is more out there than you would think!




In time I hope to feature all the kits that are available today , with comments on their suitability for Rapier L-2, L-1, vintage Jetex 50, etc and ease of building and trimming.


It is in the nature of Jetex/Rapier scene that, given the difficulties of flying with genuine Jetex motors, and the recent problems with Rapier availability (now  happily being resolved, at least for the UK and the EU) that small scale manufacturers appear on the scene with some nice products, but then, just as quickly, disappear. hopes to increase the awareness of Jetex-related products and, hopefully, increase the commercial viability of  producing what could be called 'small Jet Plane Kits' .  

This task will be immensely helped by the contributions of others, so please contact me with your findings and observations.  


Given this, I hope we will soon see Aerographics, Bluebottle Squadron and others making their splendid  rocket powered models readily available again.


Watch this space!

Here, we've gathered a great selection of plans for micro rocket powered models.

You're welcome to download them at no charge. Most are plans for free flight fixed-wing aircraft, with the emphasis on those powered by the classic Jetex motor line. For historical interest, we also offer a selection of rocket powered model planes that predate the invention of Jetex. We are also beginning to list contemporary models powered by the increasing popular Czech-made Rapier motor range.

Additionally, our free downloadable plan collection encompasses a selection of Jetex powered helicopters, flying saucers, vertically launched rockets, tethered and round the pole (RTP) aircraft and spacecraft, as well as boats and cars.

Use the menus below to make your choice of a group of plans from the many categories in our collection.


Fixed Wing Aircraft
– Jetex Power
Fixed Wing Aircraft
– Rocket Rapier
VTOL Craft Cars / Boats

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The Register of Published Plans

We've compiled the world's most complete register of published plans for micro rocket powered models, and hold a copy of each in our archives. The plans have been garnered from commercial periodicals and books published from the 1930s through to the 1990s.

Our register below lists plans under publication name in chronological sequence. We also indicate the country of origin for each publication. Our largest sources are Great Britain (GB) and the United States (US), but we are increasingly finding plans that originated in other countries.

Where a name is underlined in our register, that name is a link to a separate illustrated description of the model and a free downloadable copy of that plan from our extensive (and growing) library.