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In a previous life, I published more than a hundred Jetex and Rapier-related articles in SAM (35) Speaks, the prestigious monthly journal of the Society of Antique Modellers in the UK (chapter 35). 

Copies of these were available month by month on the website, and PDF copies were sent out by email to jet modellers all over the world.

I would also add that a data disc of all my 'Jetex' articles, from 2002 was put together, and  is still available for a small fee.

Earlier this year I resumed writing articles about the UK 'small jet scene' and these have been published by the estimable Colin Hutchinson, the new editor of SAM (35) Speaks.  The response to these has been quite favourable, so I am offering PDF's of my new scribblings to any interested modeller.

Here is the first page of the Spring 2015 article:

JJJ first page



And here is a taster of last summer's offering:

SAM Summer page 1


There are two more, autumn and winter, articles in the pipeline.

My articles are of course UK centered, but I'm hoping to include more 'international' news via a wider distribution of these which will result in feedback from the many jet modellers overseas.

If you would like copies, please contact me with your email address.  In time, I will compile a subscription list, and the latest 'Jetex and Rapier' can be sent out to all those on the list automatically.

Any comments about the articles, and contributions to future articles, are very welcome.


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  • Guest
    Scott Friday, 01 January 2016

    Love the F-11! Nice work!

  • Roger Simmonds
    Roger Simmonds Friday, 01 January 2016

    High Scott,
    thanks for the comment. I was quite pleased with the F-11 Tiger, which flies surprisingly well with a Rapier L-2. Tell me if you wouuld like more details.
    Also, the December article has just been published. APDF will be sent on request.

  • Guest
    Scott Monday, 08 February 2016

    I would like to see more details on the F-11 Tiger. It looks really neat!

  • Guest
    Bruce Ogden Sunday, 21 February 2016

    Hi Roger,
    Yes still around building and flying my inexhaustible supply of pellets. Am also now flying miniature r/c models indoor all walnut scale. Am also now starting to RC my larger jetex 100 models with the these eflite mini bricks and lipol batteries.
    Reason for the mail I have been loading my 30 jetex C motors going up to the park flying them all the time. Some of the motors have had up to 50 reloads and the motors are starting to show signs of wear especially in the size of the thrust hole and that end bell which no matter how you try will still corrode. I toyed with the idea of a whole new motor aluminium C and Ced but that also would only be viable for some time. After much thought I reasoned that the cases were fine the spring holder part was fine what was needed was a new end bell in hard 316 stainless steel. As i am still the R and D director of my company I had one of my engineers pursue the subject of a duplicate SS end bell.
    Suffice to say we were successful and I now have 30 of these amazing end bells that I am now using which do not corrode and provide identical thrust from motor to motor. So how much did these little things cost, consider tooling was needed and the thrust hole had to be precise and its all done on a 5 axis hytachi C and C lathe each taking 6 very small tools and time to make, about $100 each yes you got it 50 English pounds each (yes they are absorbed in some other project). Yes they are the answer. Last year I had punches made to make washers and wire screens as those items are getting a bit thin in my supply. I have now since beginning of last year started loading motors differently saves on fuse and fizzers. Don't get me started on the screen being part of the combustion process and it has some calorific input its all good meaning but flawed comment and can prove it as I have made screens from different materials steel to ss and small to fine openings they are necessary to prevent blocking the orfice nothing else. To date I have used in excess of 1500 pellets mainly 50 size and am down to my last 50 tins of sebel fuel, but don't worry at last count 200 boxes of tiger still to go.
    Bruce Ogden

  • Roger Simmonds
    Roger Simmonds Monday, 22 February 2016

    Thanks Bruce,
    this is most interesting - have you any photos of your models? Also, I would be most interested in your Jetex with RC exploits!:)

    My last article in 2015 featured a radio controlled Bell X-1. Have you seen it? It is available as a PDF (the article not the model.

  • stephen mera
    stephen mera Wednesday, 31 August 2016

    had many good times with childhood friends involving that little jet motor,i would say late 1950s,we would bild gliders with at least 4 ft. wingspan,jetex with a long fuse to delay ignition, once lit, that little motor burned for a few seconds taking the glider up another 100 ft. or so, way too much fun. kids today dont know these things existed, shame

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Guest Sunday, 28 May 2017
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