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New Rapier Motors for 2014

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Our intrepid contact with Dr Zigmund (‘Nighthawk’) will soon be collecting Rapiers for the 2014 flying season.  He asks what types we would like him to collect, so I told him, “A repeat of the 2013 types please”.

These motors were favourably received by rocketeers, as the L-2X motors were perfect for models like the Aerographics Bell XS-1, Bluebottle Bell X1E, Mike Stuart’s Thunderstreak, and the larger profile models like Bill Dean's Hawker Hunter or my own F-100.

The L-2HP is potent enough for the older larger Flying Scale models and the Aerographics Sukhoi SU-11 or Steve Bage’s MiG 21,and the latest L-1s are just perfect for smaller profile models.


Rapier Shinden 3



Above:  Rob Smith's unusual Jet Shinden flies splendidly with a Rapier L-1.



My thrust-time graphs I produced for the 2013 motors are shown below:

L2X Blog



Above: L-2X

L2-HP 2013

Above: L-2 HP - pretty potent!


L1 2013

Above:  The latest L-1s - a really great motor!


So (a) think about what jets you should be building this year, secure in the knowledge that, at least on this side of the pond, you will have something to power them with (b) ask yourself what motors you would like this year. 

And you could always  phone up SAMS Models in the UK and encourage  George to restock with his Rapier kits!


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  • Site Admin
    Site Admin Thursday, 13 February 2014

    This is good news. How can I obtain the rapier motors in Australia.
    I recently bought a complete Jetex kit of a profile Swift complete with unused motor and fuel. Because the motor and fuel are out of production I am reluctant to use them; and if rapiers motors are available that would seem a good altrnative.

  • Roger Simmonds
    Roger Simmonds Thursday, 13 February 2014

    Hi Brian,

    the short answer is that one must not send Rapiers by airmail, and that here in the UK distribution of motors is invariably by personal collection.

    Though I have family and friends in Australia, I do not think the authorities would look kindly to Rapiers in my luggage.

    They are deemed more dangerous than LiPo batteries ..... strange.

    So there is at the moment no way to get Rapiers to Australia. They are a good alternative to Jetex, but Jetex would seem your only option at the moment.

    I use to have a contact in Australia, Bruce Ogden, who flies genuine Jetex - I'll see if he is still around.


  • thomas rossano
    thomas rossano Tuesday, 04 March 2014

    Can we get them in America Roger?

  • Roger Simmonds
    Roger Simmonds Tuesday, 04 March 2014

    Hi Thomas,

    the short answer is 'no', and this has rather killed what could be called the previously very vibrant 'Jetex-related' flying scene in the US.

    Airmail from Europe to the US of Rapiers, which appear to be classified as explosive (they contain ammonium perchlorate) is alas verbotten even for very small batches. A real shame.

    Clandestine posting is risky. Jay Crisswell in the US has a collection of motors, but I'm not sure he posts within the US.

    Estes' black powder motors are different - Estes is a large corporation with established outlets, and black powder is viewed rather differently from AP/plastic propellants.

    But your own Dr Edward Jones is experimenting with a 'homegrown' Rapier motor with an AP or GN (guanidine nitrate) formulation.

    Please have a look at, and even join in, the forum discussion at:

  • Guest
    Smithf465 Sunday, 05 April 2015

    We're a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. kegefgaaekbggega

  • Site Admin
    Site Admin Saturday, 01 August 2015

    Good info about availability! Interested in any developments in regard to US ...

  • Roger Simmonds
    Roger Simmonds Saturday, 01 August 2015

    Dr Edward Jones in the US has had success in developing a Rapier L-2 equivalent, the 'Spadron'.

    This has a good performance (150-160 mN for 20 sec or so).

    The problems with these motors is (a) production in quantity with good QA; (b) distribution. Retailers need special storage conditions, licences etc. There is also the question of ignition - it is not remote, so 'Health & Safety' is seen as an issue. Don't try posting them, either!

    The US Rapier scene 12-15 years ago was vibrant with some expert modellers making wonderful models. This changed when legislation was tightened up. Such a shame - Rapiers had been posted to the US and used by modellers for years without problems. But logic doesn't come into it, I'm afraid.

    My best advice is to contact Dr Jones (try jetexpress) for his latest plans.

    In the UK, we will fly Rapiers for as long as we can .... hoping to be ignored by those who want to spoil our fun!:)

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