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Apologies for lack of communication

Jetex Jim has been very much out of it for the last two months. Apologies for the lack of communication and any unfulfilled orders.

He's been having his gaskets renewed and although they are fine the rest of his 1947 Jetex aero-body will need a lot of time to recover. Roger.

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Paper over balsa

Another modelling technique Joe Mansour experimented with was 'paper over balsa'. This is a method well suited to profile jets, and, using computer programs not available to the old guys in the 1950's, very colourful models can today be designed and put together very quickly:


Draken designed by Rob Smith using CAD. Construction is printed paper over Depron and balsa.


These models make a very good introduction to rocket flying, as they are robust, light, easy and inexpensive to build. Also – a consideration given the nasty weather we have been having – another can be printed off if the first one flies away in a thermal or crashes because of turbulence.

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