Due to personal circumstances, I cannot offer any of the kits for sale until my health improves.  However, if you are interested in any of the models - colourful proven flyers all, also suitable for catapult launch - I am happy to offer PDF templates of all the jets, which are not available anywhere else.  These templates can be printed out on T-shirt paper and transferred to balsa.

Please contact me directly if you are interested, or talk to me at meetings - I'm usually the guy with a Jetex org T-shirt, now, alas, in a wheelchair..

I can also  offer a number of Jetex/Rapier related  publications. These include reprints of articles by Roger Simmonds, old and new, plans/templates for rocket powered jet models, and part kits for profile and semi-profile scale models suitable for both young and experience aeromodellers.

Please note a DVD of the atricles is  produced to order, and will normally be dispatched within ten working days.  


Original Profile Sabre

jetexorgsabre Profile Sabre

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L1 (smaller) or L2 (high power).

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