Model Jet Plane Articles, 2002–2017


Noted 'Jetex' guru Dr R J Simmonds published more than 120 articles  about 'small Jet Planes' between 2002 and 2017. The CD cover does change year by year to reflect the year of your order!)

These articles, first written for the prestigious 'Society of Antique Modellers', covered all aspects of small jet plane flying, including building and trimming, availability of motors and accessories, and the extensive history of Jetex in the UK, US and Europe. They are a vast fund of knowledge for the rocketeer and contain many many stories from the old days of aeromodelling.

There is much Jetex history, including Tailored models, many many 'how to' topics, and reflections on the present rocket flying scene.

Articles are in PDF format and as a data disc easily read by any PC.