Profile Red Arrows Hawk

The Red Arrows Hawk for Rapier L-2. This model is not the esiest model to trim.

Original Profile Models - Red Arrows Hawk
£17.50 Profile F-106 Delta Dart

The F-106 Delta Dart is for Rapier L-2.

Original Profile Models - F-106 Delta Dart
£17.50 Profile T-38 Talon

The T-38 Talon is for Rapier L-2, from L-2 LT (low thrust) to L-2X and L-2HP (high power).  With high power motors it is a spectacular performer and very reliable even in a breeze.  Andy Blackwell's favourite model!

Original Profile Models - T-38 Talon
£17.50 Profile MiG 19

This MiG-19 was inspired by the Japanese Tiger kit of 1958-1960.

Original Profile Models - MiG 19