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Recent Jetex Articles for the Society of Antique Modellers

In a previous life, I published more than a hundred Jetex and Rapier-related articles in SAM (35) Speaks, the prestigiou... read more..


Mounting Rapiers in Models

Generally, our 'one shot' Rapier motors are inserted into paper/cardboard tubes attached to our models.  These mounts ... read more..


Mounting Rapiers in Models Part 2.

Intro:  My previous blog on this subject was about the use of asbestos in a Rapier mount to see if this would prevent a ... read more..


The Jetex Dan Dare Spaceship

Were there any two names more evocative than 'Dan Dare' and Jetex' for the technically-minded 1950's schoolboy?  I can't... read more..


Jetex and Rapier Flying in 2015 - a new beginning.

  Those who have read my latest postings on the forum will realise that I am now, with a refurbished set of heart read more..


Rapier Motors 2014 - a Users' Guide

I have now tested some of the latest L-2 and L-1 motors collected from Dr Zigmund by our very own 'Nighthawk'.  Dr Z's ... read more..

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