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The vast majority of email correspondence that arrives at Jetex.org asks the question "Where can I get an original Jetex motor just like the one I had all those years ago?".

We do not sell motors, old or new, but Jetex.org can help you find what you are looking for, either from retailers, fellow enthusiasts or online auction houses.

Note that Jetex motors have not been made for more than forty years. Also, the popular 'one shot ' Rapier motors can be hard to find as Dr Zigmund (their manufacturer) is not a large operation and legislation about their shipment can change.
Please contact Jetex.org for the latest news!

But, happily, Jetex and Rapier kits and plans are still readily available. The following links will help you find what you need and get you started!

eBay (Jetex motors, kits and accessories)

A search using the keyword 'jetex' is a good starting place – but ignore 'Jetex exhaust' for cars!

Various vintage Jetex motors and accessories appear from time to time, and can be purchased with care. Contact Jetex.org if in doubt as motors can be offered with the wrong fuel and fuse in particular can be of dubious quality. Vintage and new 'Jetex' kits are more often up for auction. Take care not to over-bid!

Dr Jan Zigmund (Rapier motors) - site no longer available

This Czech language site belongs to the inventor and manufacturer of the Rapier single use motors, Dr Jan Zigmund. The small cardboard tube motors that he makes have become very popular in the last few years because of their consistent performance, reliability, and ease of use. Many view them as a logical modern-day successor to the traditional reloadable Jetex style motors. Roger Simmonds can give you the latest update on the UK (and elsewhere e.g. the US) availability of these motors which are not sold through the usual commercial operators


A large UK based model airplane shop that stocks a wonderful range of kits, plans and accessories for the free flight modeller. In particular, check out the kits designed by Richard Crossley, Steve Bage and others for Rapier or Jetex propulsion.


Shorty's Basement

A US based source for Aerographics, West Wings, and other lines of flying jet models, as well as a range of useful modelling accessories.


Vintage Model Company 

VMC acquired all the assets of Replikit, and produce all the old and new Jetex/Rapier models that Replikit made.  These include Veron and Keil Kraft kits  (MiG 15 etc),Skyleada kits (like the splendid Mystere and Avro Vulcan) and Steve Bage's more recent designs like the DH 108 and Thunderchief.  Highly reccommended.

Do have a look at:




Mike Stuart's flying scale model pages

British modeller Mike Stuart owns a large and well maintained web site that features photos of free flight scale model aircraft built by him and other aeromodellers from several countries. Some of the most beautifully constructed and finished balsa and tissue scale subjects ever built are featured here. There are several galleries specifically devoted to Rapier powered scale jet models (see right).
Highly recommended.

Small Flying Arts

Small Flying Arts is a website devoted to, typically, free flight model aeroplanes. There are lots of construction and flying tips from modellers all over the world, as well as an active forum where, amongst other topics, Jetex and Rapier modelling is discussed.

Hip Pocket Aeronautics

This site, similar to SFA but more broadly based (it includes control line for example), also has a splendid forum and lots of advice.


BMFA (British Model Flying Association)
The BMFA, which started life as the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers, has been catering for all sorts types of model aeronautics in the UK for more than sixty years.

It offers support and advice for all sorts of modellers, has a youth training program, organises flying meetings where Jetex and Rapier flying can be seen and, very importantly, offers insurance cover without which no one should be flying.

AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics)

Established in 1936, the AMA is the official national body for model aviation in the United States. The Association sanctions more than a thousand model competitions throughout the country each year, and certifies official model flying records on a national and international level and, very importantly, offers insurance cover without which no one should be flying.

MAAC (Model Aeronautics Association of Canada)

The MAAC is the official governing body for model aviation in Canada, liaising with government agencies, as well as representing Canada's internationally competitive modellers. It has grown from the founding group of 11 in 1949 to a body over 13,000 strong today. Jetex.org has benefited from archival contributions from the MAAC.

SAM (Society Of Antique Modelers)
SAM is an organisation of international scope that is dedicated to the preservation of antique model aviation.

Jetex flying has been an important part of SAM 35, the UK chapter, and articles about Jetex flying appear regularly in SAM Speaks, their monthly magazine.

National Free Flight Society
Based in the US, the NFFS nevertheless has an international reach and has printed articles on Jetex- and Rapier-powered aircraft in the NFFS Digest. They also offer a couple of vintage Jetex plans for sale: Jet Texan and Jet Tube.